friendly reminder that, ten years from now, a hundred years from now, someone like me will love someone like you, and there will be no templars to tear them apart. ✿◕‿◕✿


"I’m always Jean. And I’m always the Phoenix. I died. I scattered in a trillion directions. And then started to pull together again, outside the White Hot Room. But I’m starting to see now. Parts of me… Parts of me never came home."

Jean Grey - Marvel Girl/Phoenix

(Super)Heroines Month - Day Five


One day my friend went on a study course for his Leaving Cert (big irish exam) and Evanna Lynch was sitting in front of him for a class. The next day he sat in the same spot, this time his friend sat beside him and he said “Luna Lovegood was sitting in front of me yesterday, she is such a ride.” Evanna, who was now sitting behind him, tapped him on the shoulder and said, “I’m sitting behind you now.”

I’ll be sure to tell my friend that Tumblr loves his embarrassment.